The Importance of Data Archiving: A Xift Perspective

The Importance of Data Archiving: A Xift Perspective

Data has become the lifeblood of today’s business world. Yet the sheer volume of this digital wealth and the complexity of managing it can be daunting. So how can this challenge be tackled successfully? Enter data archiving, a crucial component of data management that ensures the secure storage of your valuable business information while enabling it to be easily retrieved when needed.  

Let’s delve into the importance of successful data archiving and how Xift can help you to utilize this solution effectively.  



Understanding Data Archiving

Data archiving involves storing inactive data securely for long-term retention. Backups, on the other hand, prioritize quick recovery by storing active data so that the latest version can be restored in the event of an incident such as cyberattacks or human error. Archiving keeps data for years or even decades, ensuring legal compliance and the ability to gain insight from past business operations.  


Why Data Archiving Matters  


  • Legal Compliance: Many industries are legally obligated to retain specific documents for a given period of time. Data archiving ensures these requirements are met.  


  • Data Protection: By creating a separate and secure storage facility for data, you add an extra layer of data protection to ensure critical information is never lost. 


  • Business Insights: Archived data serves as a historical record, offering valuable insights that can drive business decisions. 


Streamline Data Archiving with Xift  

Xift offers a permanent data archiving solution by storing a separate independent copy of your Office 365 data which offers numerous benefits: 


  • Simplified Access: Xift enables users to recover content from their personal archives without IT support including data from Deleted Items and the Recycle Bin.  


  • Cost-Effective: With Xift, access to leavers’ data is available without having to pay for unnecessary O365 licences.  


  • Permanent Archive: Xift ensures the data in your archive remains unchanged to provide a reliable resource to meet any future needs.  


 Effective data archiving goes beyond simply meeting operational requirements – it is also a significant strategic asset. The introduction of a robust archiving solution, as offered by Xift, offers organizations a distinct competitive edge.  Beyond data security, this approach ensures compliance with data storage regulations as well as streamlining access to information and facilitating straightforward audits.  

It’s important to recognise that data archiving is more than just a necessity, it’s a catalyst for greater efficiency and increased security. Xift helps businesses to navigate the evolving data landscape with confidence.