Immutable Archive & intuitive eDiscovery

Keep a separate copy of your Office 365 data and carry out eDiscovery projects in minutes

Email Security, Continuity and Archive

Office 365 is better with Xift

Email and productivity software has moved to the cloud. That’s better. It makes collaborating easier and it’s simpler to manage.

But it’s a single point of failure and opportunity for data loss from:

• Accidental deletion
• Malicious deletion by a disgruntled employee
• Cloud provider data corruption
• Cloud provider failure

Xift provides an immutable, unchanged archive of your data outside Office 365.

Secure email and productivity with Xift and Office 365


Maintain Governance, Risk and Compliance for your Office 365 data


Reduce risk by keeping a copy of your emails and data in a separate cloud

Restore emails Office 365

Restore deleted emails lost through Office 365 deletion policies

Advanced eDiscovery

Get access to advanced search and eDiscovery features


Your archive is your corporate memory. Xift harnesses that archive to quickly search and gather data.

Xift provides powerful discovery capability to support litigation projects, data subject requests and collaborate with colleagues in ad-hoc discovery teams.

Complete your eDiscovery projects in minutes without expensive third-party specialists.

Discovery Tool feature seach screen
Discovery Tool feature results

eDiscovery in three simple steps

Discovery Tool Search

Select your date range and search keywords, users and interactions with a domain.

Discovery Tool Results

Collaborate on Discovery Projects with IT, Legal and Compliance teams. Notate important details and refine searches to streamline your exports.

Discovery Tool Export

Package your results to provide to litigation or for GDPR Subject Access Requests.

Archive and eDiscovery made simple

Enterprise class Governance Risk and Compliance for organisations of all shapes and sizes (with no lock in)