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Orenji Games presents Max & The Book of Chaos: PC & Consoles

From Orenji Games we are very happy to present our first game developed using the possibilities that computer and consoles offer to us: Max & The Book of Chaos.

Max & The Book of Chaos is an action game in the style of old school games, with several conditions: It is difficult, fast and the player does not have to think much, but he has to learn to overcome difficulties by polishing its reflexes and its knowledge of the different levels Max faces.

And this is because Max faces a really big challenge. An ancient evil has been unleashed, and in addition to changing the reality, it has caught a crowd of classmates of Max, so we will have to face the unknown in order to free them, and leave the world as it was before .

Max & The Book of Chaos is in its final months of development, and can be expected both on the computer and in consoles in the coming months. We will keep you informed, and if you want any type of information, you already know where to get it.

Travel through several stages facing immeasurable dangers.

Final bosses in the style of old school arcade games.

Meet all kinds of characters, each one more surprising than the previous one.

About Orenji Games:

Orenji Games is a Valencian company born with the idea of making high quality video games. After making several developments for other platforms, currently is focused on finishing the launch of Max & The Book of Chaos, a video game with classic arcade tints and graphics in the style of cartoons.

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